Foglion Birthdayo

Foglio Birthdayo

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May 1st was Phil Foglio’s birthday so I drew this card for him! (Not all at once.) With his enormous success touring before the crowned heads of Europe and the Subcontinent there’s a lot of things he doesn’t get to draw any more. So I drew them!

Phil’s comics have been an inspiration to me since I started drawing, and he has always been super nice and encouraging to me. Now he does the superb online comic Girl Genius.

Grogar and Bray


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Of all the original series villains, Grogar – along with his lackey Bray and his vanishing, decaying nightmare city of Tambelon – were my favorite. Since they were never brought back, here’s a drawing of them closer to the current MLP style.

This Pervert

This Pervert

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I got a Zootopia request for a sketchbook that happened to have some NSFW material in the front. The cover looked surprisingly like the one Nick is holding. The commissioner was a super great sport about paying me while I made fun of him. 😀

Full disclosure: I’d drawn some of the stuff in the front of that book. Also at the time there were no other Zootopia pics in it. I was totally projecting into the future! EDIT: My prophesy came true.